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What can the Public Sector learn from Small Businesses?

Have you ever wondered what makes some small businesses really successful and achieve stellar levels of growth? It’s estimated...


Launch of Caja Spotlight

We're very happy to share our new collection of thought leadership pieces. This edition focuses on the Higher Education sector with contributions...

How organisations can support their People during Covid-19

Caroline Brown, Caja MD, shares her insight with Dwayne Lewis at Grace Maddison Media on the impact Covid-19 has had within organisations...

Reflections from a recent graduate

Akaash Shah joined us as a Graduate Consultant at the start of March. Not the best month to start at a new...

What is the new ‘normal’?

As I start my extensive and exhausting daily commute.…to my spare room where I have set up...

Keep Calm & Adapt

Planning, Planning, Planning was the mantra drummed into me throughout my military career which, to be fair, has been a great discipline...

Keele Difference and Caja

As you may have seen, we've been part of Keele University's Keele Difference marketing campaign. The Keele Difference highlights the impact Keele University makes...

Organisational Vision – A waste of time?

This week I have been working with a client that has lost its sense of being, purpose and direction, and with Caja have...

Caja launch new on-line assessment tool for the ‘Entrepreneurial Council’

As cost pressures in Local Government continue to bite from increasing demand for services, ageing populations and increasing wage bills, councils are having to...

Caja on G-Cloud 8

Caja is extremely proud to announce that we are now on G-Cloud 8. The G-Cloud framework enables potential customers to view and purchase cloud...

Astronauts tips for living in space – or anywhere

Many of us are experiencing a new way of working (and living) - being based at home with no colleagues and more...

Nudge, don’t nag

I'm known as the persistent nag in the office, so I've found this article from McKinsey interesting and will try to be...

A look into AI driven project scheduling

In my role as Resource Liaison, I've been looking into resource scheduling the past couple of weeks. Thought this was an interesting...

Stem-Cell Treatments – The Risks Behind the Hype

Having a discussion at work about stem-cell treatments and came across a very interesting article. Speaking from someone who has had...

‘How I Built This’ with Guy Raz

One of our associates Susan McAlonan recommends this NPR podcast for anyone interested in learning how entrepreneurs built their business and how...

Technology’s impact on insurance

Very interesting insight to how technology will reshape Insurance Operations from McKinsey