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Who we are

Caja is an entrepreneurial, UK wide business transformation consultancy. Our innovative model brings a wealth of process, technology, people experience and expertise to our clients across areas such as strategy, organisation, service design, transformation, digitisation and technology optimisation, data analytics and change management. We have many years of experience in designing, developing and delivering business change solutions, including multi organisation collaborative working in the public, charitable and private sectors, as well as acting as a ‘Trusted Advisor’ to our clients.

Our approach is collaborative, ensuring a clear understanding of the desired outcomes and assuring delivery through programme and project governance, capabilities and skills – co-designed, co-delivered, co-worked. We work closely with our clients to share knowledge and transfer skills, developing an organisation’s own capabilities for sustainable embedded change.

We have a consulting community of 130+ subject matter experts ranging from Programme/Project Managers, technical HR & OD specialists, finance, change management and behavioural science expertise. In addition, we have several partner organisations who support us with technology enablement and digital solutions - Business Innovation Delivered.

Meet our

Dedicated team

Caroline Brown

Managing Director

Charlotte Weber


Lauren Wilson


Rich Torr

Senior Data Analyst Associate

Nigel Guest


Andrew Dewis

Senior Consultant

Charlotte Mayes

Resourcing Administrator

Kate Abendstern

Senior Associate

Andy Woodcock


Symeon Dionysis


Tanya Aggarwal

Data Analyst

Juliet Quinn

Senior Associate

The Caja difference

With Co-working, Co-Design and Co-Delivery at the heart of our tried and tested client model we look to bring high performance, experience and expertise to our clients. We have significant experience of working with clients from the strategic visioning phase through to implementation, the embedding of change and delivery of benefits. We fill a unique place in the market, collaborating with strategic partners and associates, through our active community providing our clients with complete business solutions encompassing, People, Processes, Technology and Change.

Associate Community

In order to bring our client’s, resources with deep experience and expertise, we have developed the Caja community, with over 130+ experienced consultants, ranging from senior programme/project managers, subject matter experts, with whole system, clinical and integrated pathway design and delivery expertise, Finance, HR, Health and Social Care, Digital/|Technical/AI, Data Analysts and Business Analysts, as well as a large group of change managers, including behavioural scientists and organisational psychologists, communications and stakeholder engagement.


Caja has developed a number of key strategic partnerships with a number of specialist organisations that share our values. Through our partnerships we are able to support our clients with a wide range of capability and expertise, including the latest technology enablement and market leading digital solutions. Our approach and philosophy provides agile and flexible support that routinely exceeds expectations and competes with the bigger advisory brands in the market.

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is of paramount importance to Caja Ltd because it aligns with our core values and fundamental beliefs. We recognise that as a company, we have a profound impact on society, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. Our commitment to corporate responsibility extends beyond mere compliance with regulations; it reflects our genuine dedication to making a positive difference. We believe that responsible business practices not only enhance our reputation but also foster long-term sustainability and resilience. By actively engaging in initiatives that prioritise social, environmental, and ethical considerations, we aim to contribute to a better future for our stakeholders, clients, employees, and the wider world. In essence, corporate responsibility is not just an obligation for us; it's an integral part of our identity and a driving force behind our commitment to excellence.