Creating a 21st Century University

The landscape of Higher Education is rapidly changing and evolving, with institutions having to address a wide range of pressures.

As the sector stretches and reshapes to deal with these demands, we offer a breadth of services to support institutions analyse, adapt, transform and thrive.

Depending on your challenges and priorities, we can offer a modular type approach or a holistic all in one approach with our tried and tested solutions and expertise tailored for you.

Next Generation Digital Campus

As part of our partnership with 3i Infotech, we are excited to introduce our latest offering that helps higher education institutions transform their campuses into fully digital, connected and student-centric learning environments.

Our “Next Generation Digital Campus” offering will provide a modular based approach to delivering the full capability across a standard university blue-print that we can co-develop into a final solution that works for you. It consists of a number of core cloud based applications to support your Curriculum, Research, Student Information Management and Support services.

Specific challenges across the Higher Education sector that our offering will help to address:

  • Improving the Student Journey leading to better attraction and retention
  • A “burning platform” for many universities as the on-premise application comes to the “end of life.”
  • Benefits of the “cloud” with greater digital integration, scalability and less up-front capital cost
  • Enabling Transformation, Simplification and Standardisation across the University organisation

The "Next Generation Digital Campus" creates a seamless and immersive learning experience for students, academics and professional support staff alike. With our expertise in digital transformation and innovation, we can help you reimagine your campus for the digital age and stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly changing education landscape. Our offering includes:

Our offering includes:

Repeatable HE leading practices that are "out of the box" supporting a 21st century university.

Digital by default, allowing for full integration capability across the entire university operating model.

Student-centric and delivering a great student and user experience across all channels.

Recognises data as an asset and the ability to utilise "big data" and AI to generate forward insights.

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownershop (TCO) with the ability to scale up as a university grows.

Enhancing the Campus offering through a digital twin demostrating asset utilisation and experience focusing on place based services.

We have a proven Digital Strategy Framework that will ensure you have a compelling Digital Story to tell and provides a structured roadmap and investment case.

Who are Caja?

Caja specialises in co-working, co-developing, and co-delivering with our clients to facilitate a strategic understanding of the “why” and the “what” and then working alongside all stakeholder groups to deliver sustainable change. We work across both public and private sector including Higher Education, Health, Social Care and Government.

We actively provide thought leadership and comparator analysis across the HE sector and partner regularly with local universities such as Keele University, Staffordshire University and Chester University working with Senior Leadership teams on academic and business transformation programmes.

In our partnership with 3i Infotech, we have access to world leading technology capabilities and innovative thinking. 3i Infotech is an acknowledged award-winning pioneer, innovator and thought leader in the applications development and management, managed services and cloud operations.

As a partnership, together we pride ourselves in being leaders in technology and digital transformation and using our significant Higher Education Sector experience to better deliver university services that are student focused, reliable, scalable and be delivered within constraint budgets.

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