What is Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science is a multi-disciplinary approach of understanding how people behave and brings together methods from a range fields and disciplines including Psychology, Economics, Data Analytics and Service Improvement. At its core is understanding how people judge situations and make decisions in everyday life and how they can be influenced to make decisions that create better outcomes and benefit individuals or society as a whole.


We have developed the Caja CognitivQITM methodology which has its foundations in the work we have done across a number of industries in both public and private sectors. The method draws together a number of key theories and techniques into a structured approach to designing behavioural interventions that can influence both staff and customers. The methodology is underpinned by a number of core theories that aim to address how and why people make decisions in everyday life and how they can be influenced to make decisions that create better outcomes. Applications can be quite wide ranging; for example from influencing the buying decisions of customers to increasing or decreasing the uptake of services in the public sector. We have specific interest in using the techniques to influence behaviours in relation to Digital Transformation.

Behavioural Insights

In the Caja team, we possess advanced analytics capabilities and extensive experience in leveraging diverse datasets to gain profound insights into population behaviours. Our data-driven approach encompasses a wide range of sources, including national data such as Census and ONS, as well as our clients' proprietary data. We harness this data to create interactive tools and data visualisations that integrate multiple datasets, enabling us to provide valuable Behavioural Insights and support effective behavioural interventions.

One of our standout achievements is Insights360, an extensive dashboard comprising over 40 open-source datasets. This comprehensive tool has been meticulously developed by Caja consultants over the past 5 years while working on various client assignments. Insights360 empowers users to explore key data visualisations and conduct comparative benchmarking across the fields of health and social care.

We Get Results

Increased cervical screening uptake by 27%

44% of women pro-actively 'nudged' to book a screening appointment booked on the spot

Increased Urgent Chest X-ray referrals for smokers by 6%

Reducing DNAs in GP practices by 23% resulting in a saving of costs of £150k per GP practice

Increased recovery of recycled equipment by 14%

10% increase in the proportion of covid-19 vaccinations

Meet our dedicated

Award Winning Experts

Nigel Guest

Director - Behavioural Science Lead

Nigel is an accomplished director with over 30 years of leadership and operational management experience in the public sector. He has expertise in various fields, including Behavioral Science, Data Analytics, and Lean 6-Sigma. Nigel has led pioneering initiatives in Behavioral Science, such as trials in Primary Care and the South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance program, collaborating with diverse organizations. He has also applied Behavioral Science to influence service demand patterns and promote digital solutions in both public and private sectors.

Symeon Dionysis

Behavioural Science Consultant

Symeon, a recent PhD graduate from Nottingham University in Behavioral Science and Psychology, has experience in both public and private sectors in Europe. His expertise lies in children and youth development, with publications on topics such as developmental disorders, eating disorders, and early development during the Greek Economic Crisis. As a Policy and Design Researcher, he has worked in Greek departments related to childhood care and speech therapy. At Caja, Symeon contributes to research and behavior change projects for various Local Authority and NHS clients.

Andrew Dewis

Senior Behavioural Science Consultant

Andrew is an MSc graduate in Behavioral and Economic Science from the University of Warwick, excels in human decision-making and data analysis. Since joining Caja in 2021, he has significantly contributed to behavior change projects, boosting COVID-19 vaccination rates, increasing cervical screening attendance, and promoting anti-viral COVID treatments. Additionally, Andrew is helping develop a Behavioral Science Academy for South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw Cancer Alliance to enhance regional skills and tackle cancer-related inequalities.

Juliet Quinn

Senior Associate

Juliet is a seasoned psychologist skilled in driving organisational transformation. She excels in building stakeholder buy-in for change initiatives and leads Caja's Behavioural Science projects. Juliet plays a crucial role in designing the Caja Behavioural Science Academy, enhancing practical skills in Behavioural Science techniques. She also engages stakeholders to co-design interventions for behavior change in NHS, Local Government, and Charity organisations. With a background in talent management, Juliet has revamped training programs and evaluation approaches for learning initiatives.

Kate Abendstern

Senior Associate

Kate is an NHS professional with over 30 years’ experience in NHS management and consultancy, including 15 years’ Chief Executive and other Board leadership roles, with strong experience in leading significant change in complex organisations. Kate has been a key member of the Caja Team, working with West Yorkshire & Harrogate Cancer Alliance’s Cancer Screening Restoration programme, where we are using behavioural science techniques to increase cancer screening uptake. Kate is also currently working with Staffordshire ICB applying Behavioural Science to support patient access in Primary Care and interfaces with Urgent Care Services.

Richard Torr

Senior Data Analyst Associate

Richard is an information and analytics professional with entrepreneurial business experience and management consultancy skills including Strategy Mapping, KPI & Scorecard Design, Decision Analytics & Systems Thinking. He has developed complex analytics and data visualisations for various behavioural science projects in Cancer Screening, Immunisation and COVID Vaccination programmes across many Caja clients.

ABP Award Winners

We are so proud to announce that we have won 2 Association of Business Psychology (ABP) awards — Excellence in Change Management (Public Sector) and Best Business Psychology Supplier of the Year—stands as a remarkable testament to our unwavering commitment to driving substantial and impactful change through thoughtful and effective approaches. These accolades underscore our dedication to delivering excellence in the public sector and our exceptional prowess as a leading business psychology supplier. By securing these awards, we have not only showcased our expertise and innovation in change management but also demonstrated our ability to provide invaluable services that make a meaningful difference in our clients.

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