Health & Social Care

At Caja we believe that health & care organisations need to reimagine a future where local systems have a focus on enhancing people’s independence where they maximise support from their informal networks first and access formal services only when they really need them.  The expertise and experience that our team have in enabling these new models will help you change the nature of the support local organisations in both the NHS and Local Authorities provide.

We’ve learnt that to be successful, organisations need to develop a change programme that focuses on improving, optimising and transforming how systems work.  This doesn’t simply mean focussing on ‘slash and burn’ cost reductions or financial plans – it is about driving holistic and sustainable change which requires actionable insights, bottom-up planning of initiatives and rigour and focus in implementation.

Caja – Delivering Health & Social Care Optimisation

It’s about More than Strategy

Our heritage at Caja is helping organisations deal with complexity and deliver large transformational change – it’s in our DNA.  Our approach is collaborative and starts with understanding your goals and getting under the skin of the organisation, understanding the local context and providing assurance that strategy is aligned to priorities, developing delivery plans that maximise impact and deliver positive benefits for citizens.  We focus on:

  • Descriptive & Predictive Analytics – quantifying demand on services and resources through analysis of local data, benchmarking best practice to help create the case for change and the development of scenario based future predictive models.
  • Engagement – across a broad range of stakeholders (executives, elected members, senior leaders, clinicians, service heads, staff and system partners) to test alignment of plans within the organisation and with partners, confirming strategic priorities, expected benefits, barriers to change;
  • Pathways & Customer Journeys – End-to-end reviews and re-design of agreed pathways and customer journeys, triangulating stakeholder views, policies/protocols and direct observations, identifying how services operate in practice and testing how values/principles are embedded from a user perspective;
  • Challenging the Status Quo – Stakeholder “confirm and challenge workshops”, using our subject matter experts’ knowledge and experience to build on existing plans and explore “things to stop”, “things to improve” (e.g. demand management, productivity improvement, income generation,) and “new activities & innovation”.
  • Maximising Outcomes & Benefits – Using visual techniques such as causal-systems thinking and benefits dependency mapping to uncover the most important outcomes and their interdependencies.

We also recognise that ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’, we’ve learnt the hard way that this is often forgotten when the pressure to make financial savings is at the forefront of planning change.  Technical change must always be supported by different behaviours, capabilities and mindsets, in order to transform services and user experience, and critically, make change stick.  We work from “boardroom to frontline”, to build understanding and resilience for new ways of working whilst creating new habits and mindsets.


Caja also works with a range of expert partners in the Health & Social Care sector and are able to bring together industry leading capability and experience.  We are also a founding partner of The Network Group (TNG) that specialises in supporting new ways of delivering health and care, that bring together NHS, local government and other bodies.

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