Higher Education

Caja offers transformational comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to the Higher Education market. Our approach is insight and evidence led, through the innovative use of our data science and behavioural science alongside our core capabilities of strategy, process optimisation, organisation design, digital and technology enablement nurturing sustainable and where required revolutionary change.

We empower institutions to optimise their operations, enhance student outcomes, and adapt to the evolving educational landscapes effectively. Through our innovative methodologies, we facilitate meaningful transformations that drive long-term success and competitiveness in the Higher Education sector

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Case Studies

The University of Leeds was delighted to have worked with Caja. They were able to bring in their transformation expertise and higher education knowledge to support our Student Lifecyle Programme. Caja helped us establish governance models, instil solid QA around programme set up and then supported our teams to successfully deliver the next phase of the programme. We would welcome the opportunity to work with Caja again and recommend their services.

Robert Sherratt, Student Lifecycle Programme Director

University of Leeds

Thought Leadership


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