Launch of the UNIAssess Tool – A Breakthrough Solution for Universities in Turbulent Times


The Higher Education sector is in turmoil. On the precipice of financial collapse, each week we continue to read news outlining the exacerbation of existing issues or the reporting of the next. With universities grappling to and a long-term solution, we’re increasingly seeing attempts to resolve: closing courses, cost cutting, increasing fees, to name a few. What’s more, is that these financial challenges have been exacerbated by factors like economic downturns, changes in government funding, evolving student demographics, and technological advancements. The latter a particular pain point for universities, as they continue to limit their own enhancements and efficiencies – including controlling costs.

Caja Ltd. have been in the Higher Education field for over decade. As a leading business transformation agency working across multiple sectors, we’ve identified Higher Education to be unique – and in some parts challenging. The specificity of the sector and the complexity of the issues – including the “where do we begin?” and then how capture – part of that.

Taking an active stance and with a new mission of helping all universities across the country, Caja Ltd. are delighted to announce the launch of UNIAssess: A diagnostic tool developed specifically for the Higher Education sector, that improves the maturity level of a universities processes, practices, and capabilities. Combining research, extensive sector knowledge and the expertise of our Higher Education Advisory group, we believe UNIAssess is a leading-edge initiative.

We know short term solutions don’t work, nor a one size fits all model exists. We also know that the issues that plague the sector are not going away any time soon. However, what we do know is that UNIAssess can support universities in future proofing and building sustainable long-term solutions.

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