Caja moves towards Carbon Neutrality


At Caja we take our social responsibility seriously and we are proud to support a number of important campaigns and charities, including Liverpool Women’s Hospital Premature Baby Unit, local foodbanks, mental health charities, Armed Forces Veterans and support for elderly residents in our community.

During 2020 we all  found ourselves rekindling  our appreciation of nature, our treasured daily walks, bought us closer to wildlife and an appreciation of how quiet the streets and the skies had become.

As a company we have always been aware of the impact of climate change and have tried to minimise our impact by using public transport where possible, recycling, choosing to continue renting our office from Keele University who are taking sustainability seriously with aims to be carbon neutral by 2030. However, we have all agreed as a company we can continue to do more and so we have taken on the pledge to become Carbon Neutral.

We have taken the first steps by offsetting our 2020 Carbon Footprint and have paid for trees to be planted in the West Midlands.

Our next steps include creating a plan to move towards being a Carbon Neutral company and encourage our wider community to aim to reduce to their carbon impact.