Caja Project/Change Management Training


Research and experience has shown, that one of the key differentiators between successful and less successful change programmes, is an early understanding by stakeholders, of what the key steps are in a programme/project and how change will impact them. Many organisations are involving their internal resources in leading or participating in change programmes but are failing to provide a basic overview of project terminology, tools and techniques, leading at times to frustration, lack of buy-in and at worse under delivery of expected benefits and return on investment.

Our Caja change team, along with some of our clients, have developed a new training and mentoring approach to embed the importance and value of  developing an understanding of project and change management across organisations at an early stage in their programme.

The course is designed to give managers and operational staff a practical and pragmatic overview of the knowledge and understanding, they need, to participate and deliver successful change programmes.  Providing an understanding of a project lifecycle, whilst focusing on the business change element.  The course is a blend of workshop, seminar and action learning sets using  a real-life project as the basis for all learning.

Over the 3 days participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of project management terms, project lifecycle events, planning and the components of a succesful project.
  • Have an introduction to change management and the components of change, stakeholder mapping and management, influencing, communications and engagement and how to support their colleagues through change to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes.
  • Practical experience, built around individuals own projects

Post course – Caja will make available tools, templates and support through the Caja Change Knowledge & Mentoring Hub.

Our clients tell us that this has created a great foundation upon which to enable and deliver major change.

Our next courses is a Keele University Science Park on the 18th/19th and 20th October, and places are limited to 10.

Cost – £395 per person plus VAT

Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce members will receive 10% discount.

To reserve your place or receive further information – Please contact Charlotte Weber:


phone: 01782 443020

Our workshops can be tailored to meet individual organisations specific needs.