The rollout of Microsoft 365 is the START, not the End, of your Project


Have you joined the ranks of the thousands of companies who have invested in M365 licences over the last 8 months, to enable you to continue functioning and operating in our new world?  Are you just using email and Teams for communication, or have you explored the full set of applications available with your licences, to really optimise virtual working and/or start to digitise your day to day processes, creating more effective and efficient working practices.

Simply explaining to staff the basics of SharePoint and Teams can aid collaborative working, using the Whiteboard functionality can support running effective workshops and using basic PowerApps and Power BI can enable manual processes through digitisation and data analysis.

Here at Caja, we have been working with our clients to rollout simple basic training on the fundamentals, using practical and pragmatic real world applications to demonstrate and bring to life the applications, whilst at the same time encouraging client resources to explore and identify ways in which they can use the functionality to improve their ways of working virtually.  This can range from simple use of diary management to digitising basic processes.

Sharing knowledge and thinking is a core value at Caja and we will be happy to share learning with anyone who is interested. To arrange a conversation about training, email us at