Organisational Design & Effectiveness

Successful transformation extends outside of the organisation across all stakeholders; in-house, customers, partners, 3rd parties and out-sourced and requires review and redesign of Organisation Structure, Roles, Skills and Capabilities, and Operating Model.

These can be sensitive areas in terms of morale, behaviour and commercial impact. Organisation design needs to be carefully planned, agreed, designed, communicated and implemented. Balance is achieved through design concepts and tools that address the people issues and business results. We guide and collaborate with our clients to make informed, timely decisions, facilitating, developing, designing and communicating the options to select and deliver the optimum operating model for the transformed capabilities.

Our range of expertise enables us to work collaboratively to develop the integrated operating model – People/Operational Processes and Technology, along with establishing precise accountabilities and hand off points. Creating a clear line of sight for all stakeholders and particularly helping them develop the capability they require to change for the future.