Leadership books who needs them – just follow Gareth Southgate


We have spent a lot of time at Caja in the last 12 months talking about leadership, including ‘Top 1% Leaders’, I think we now have someone who demonstrates the real power of leadership and is certainly a Top 1% leader in my book:-

Gareth Southgate has created a vision and strategy and encouraged/supported the team to create their own history. He does this on the basis of having worked his way up through the ranks, he has real experience of knowing what is like to face failure and how to learn from this and then go onto bigger and better things and he does all of this with humility.

He knows he has to lead and drive the team forward, but he does this by taking each individual player with him, ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’, he demonstrates an understanding of each individual then looks for their strengths to create a well performing team. Time invested in employees, can deliver real benefits as they all strive as one, for the same outcomes.

As importantly the team have shown that their behaviour, values and beliefs can create a halo effect impacting much wider than the stadiums they play in, we have a country which has united over tonight’s game, powerful stuff.

I wish the team luck this evening but whatever happens, there are some real examples of great leadership and great teams that have been demonstrated and we can all use more of in our working lives.

Come on England