Keele Difference and Caja


As you may have seen, we’ve been part of Keele University’s Keele Difference marketing campaign. The Keele Difference highlights the impact Keele University makes locally, nationally and globally. With world-leading research and forward thinking business support.

Our Managing Director – Caroline Brown – is the face for the ‘Business Growth’ aspect – you may have seen her around on billboards and other advertising space. While speaking to Keele in her interview, she has highlighted why being based Keele University’s Science and Innovation Park has helped create success for Caja:

“Since moving to the Science and Innovation Park, we’ve found that it has given us additional credibility which has, in turn, enabled us to attract new clients and partners.”

Caroline also took advantage of the Mercia Centre for Innovation Leadership (MCIL), a six-month programme established to address challenges and improve ways of working. “Participation has not only developed me professionally, but it has enabled us to challenge our business strategy and plan for the future.

We are also working with the Keele Research and Innovation Support Programme (KRISP) to research how the use of AI could add efficiencies to our  clients.

All this illustrates how key being based at Keele University has been in the development and growth of Caja and really shows the Keele Difference.

For more information about the Keele Difference visit their site: 

To hear more from Caroline, check out this video: