Why measuring productivity in Higher Education is critical for success

Like any other business delivering a service, universities are answerable to their stakeholders.

Never before have they been under such scrutiny to ensure that what they offer to today’s students is fit for purpose.

So how do Vice Chancellors and their teams ensure that the focus remains futuristic and realistic, while maintaining an optimum balance?

By measuring their productivity data.

Why? Because there’s huge scope to influence productivity improvement with accurate insight into what’s actually happening, rather than what we believe is happening. It can assist in the streamlining of current systems, fine-tuning them into lean practices, helping people fulfil their roles more efficiently and effectively.

The real value of measuring productivity lies in establishing which decisions are made better with insightful information. Each measurement has its own purpose, with an initial focus on those parts of the system you want to explicitly improve, or where erosion of productivity would cause system decline. This leads to improved productivity giving your stakeholders the results they want.

To be clear, collecting meaningful data is about the productivity of processes, not people. Looking at the results downstream, it releases people who feel constrained by inefficient processes, enabling them to be far more effective at what they do.

Caja exists to help its clients shape simplicity from complexity. We collaborate with them to develop and implement solutions across the spectrum of people, process and technology - all working in unison and underpinned by robust data.

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If you would like to know further insight into our methodology, we have a briefing paper on 'Why Measuring Productivity in Higher Education is Critical to Success'.

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