Caja Associate Induction Day – 8th September


We had the first of our revamped induction sessions on Friday (8th September), which was fantastic, thought provoking and we hope thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We not only focused on the basics of how associates can work with Caja when they are in a project, but we also took the session as an opportunity to engage with our associates on the broader community model.

We’re now considering not only offering the induction sessions to new associates, but will offer smaller facilitated ‘get to know Caja’ sessions to the broader associate community.

A quick reminder that the next induction sessions are Thursday 5th October and Friday 20th October.

We are also planning to run more induction sessions on Thursday 2nd November and Friday 24th November. If you would be interested in attending, please get in touch with Rachel ( to reserve your place.


Caja associates  - induction day
(From left to right) – Paula Hector; David Gallagher; Brian Drake; David Sykes; and Charlotte Angus