Back of Office, Front of Mind?

There’s an irony that only some organisations are unlucky enough to experience.

Take a company/brand that is renowned for their customer experience/excellence. Their website is inviting and easy to navigate. They’ve even got an App that works well too. Their customers can contact them easily by phone, email, Livechat, Twitter, etc. And they give great customer service, they deliver their products on time and they want to help when you have the rare need to complain.

For you as their consumer customer, the front of house is impeccable.

But you’re not the consumer customer. You’re the consultancy that has been contracted to work with them behind the scenes. And that’s where the irony becomes evident.

They cancel their meetings with you at the last minute. When you do meet with them, they arrive ten minutes late with no apology. You don’t get paid on time, and to chase your payment you have to contact 4 different departments and explain yourself every single time.

They’ve failed to recognise that the impression they give to their partners and suppliers is also hugely reflective of their brand, values, etc.

When companies and organisations work with Caja to transform their back-office operations, design operating models and organisation structures, or help them become more digital, we make sure that it joins up end to end and that the values of the company are alive and visible at each and every touchpoint.

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