Our services and expertise lay in creating innovative, cost effective and efficient back office business solutions, integrating business processes, people and technology enablement, within the private and public sectors. 

Our services include:

  • Business Transformation

    Business Transformation

    Transformational change is complex and challenging. It goes beyond transitioning and migrating from a current state to a new state – it involves significantly changing ways of working and thinking to a radically different future state. Transformation changes the vision and mission of an organisation and requires education, coaching and changes to behaviour and culture of all stakeholders in order to be sustainable.

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  • Change Management

    Change does not happen on its own; it needs to be planned, communicated and managed. Change Management is an integral component of a Programme or Project. Without managed change, a project/programme is unlikely to be successful and fully deliver all the benefits.

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  • Organisational Design & Effectiveness

    Successful transformation extends outside of the organisation across all stakeholders; in-house, customers, partners, 3rd parties and out-sourced and requires review and redesign of Organisation Structure, Roles, Skills and Capabilities, and Operating Model.

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  • Advisory

    Given the pace at which the global market operates, the importance of adaptability has become paramount for organisations vying to flourish in an increasingly competitive environment.

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  • Operational Management

    Our approach to operational management brings together the real cross-industry ‘hands on’ knowledge and experience of our consultants, with the in-depth knowledge and expertise of our clients’ business operations.

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  • Communication & Engagement

    Communication & Engagement

    Our consultants have a wide range of experience across many sectors in devising innovative communication strategies that are tailored to each individual client’s needs. These are designed creatively to actively engage all stakeholders and enable them to understand and embrace the elements of change which impact them.

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  • Capability Development

    We believe that Capability Development and Assessment is a core component of delivering successful business change. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, all stakeholders need the skills and knowledge to operate in new situations in addition to the ability and confidence to apply their new skills and capabilities in different contexts.

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  • Local Authority Commercialisation Support

    We have developed the ‘Caja Framework’, which can help assess a council’s organisational maturity against a commercialisation strategy and support organisations turn their plans into real delivery.

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  • Health & Social Care

    At Caja we believe that health & care organisations need to reimagine a future where local systems have a focus on enhancing people’s independence where they maximise support from their informal networks first and access formal services only when they really need them.  The expertise and experience that our team have in enabling these new models will help you change the nature of the support local organisations in both the NHS and Local Authorities provide.

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